Stuck with Cyrillic codepage



I have Windows XP Prof. (English) with Service Pack 2.

For a few days now I'm stuck with Cyrillic characters where
German umlaut characters should be. I tweaked "Regional and
language Options" about a dozen times, but still no change.
On the "Advanced" tab the "Language for non-unicode programs"
option is set to English (US), changing it to another flavor
of English or to German does not change anything (tried it
multiple times with a restart in between).

Internet Explorer always displays "Cyrillic" in its Font
selection dialog, any changes there are ignored, next time
I open it "Cyrillic" is displayed again.

I would be very grateful if someone could shed some light
on this issue...




I have the same problem with my IE. Did you ever get this thing sorted out?
If so; please share how you fixed it.

Best regards and thanks in advance!

Steffen Pettersen

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