Strange Printing Issue



This has also been posted (earlier) on the W2000 Printing newsgroup, but
I noticed that is wasn't too active.

I have W2K running on an old P3 and it is used to handle a new USB Canon
D300 printer. I have made it shared and can access it from three of my
five computers (all running WinXP). The two computers that cannot
access the printer are laptops. On BOTH of them, the user must first
"log in" to the W2K computer (using the "My Network Places" panel) by
double-clicking the icon for my W2K machine. Once they enter their
username/password, then they have to go through the process of
installing the attached printer - again and again and again. Every time
they boot up.

I have added a BAT file to both laptop's startup folder, containing this:

net use \\ mypassword /user:myuser

and it completes correctly every time but it does NOT affect the printer
access. Mypassword and Myuser have been created on the W2K machine.

As I said, the XP desktops do not have this problem. They can print
each and every time they boot up, right away - without having to re-connect.

The laptops mess up if they are connected wireless OR if wired. One
running WinXPHome and one running WinXPPro.

Any clues as to why this is happening?



Further information. I rebooted all three computers that were connected
(and printing) to the shared printer on the W2K machine. All three of
them now require that I connect to the computer using my
account/password BEFORE being "allowed" to add the printer - again. I
had forgotten that since these computers stay up 24/7 that they should
probably be rebooted for the new system.

This HAS to be something in the W2K setup. I've shared it and checked
all the access rights to it - all boxes are ticked - but now I cannot
access the printer from any of my other computers without first "logging
in" to the W2K machine and 'installing' it again. This action makes a
new icon in the local printers directory. As of now, I have six icons -
each of them pointing to the very same printer. But, only one icon will
let me see the properties of the printer - the latest connection.


Dave Patrick

You'll want to create an account (in User Accounts) on the WinXP machines
with the username and password that you use to logon to the Windows 2000
machine with. Likewise you'll need to create an account (in Users and
Passwords) on the 2000 machine with the username and password that you use
to logon to the XP machines with. Then you'll need to share out the
resource(s) with permissions for those users. Also make sure they're all
part of the same workgroup. Then you'll no longer be prompted for the IPC$
password (Inter-process communication)

In a peer level workgroup, when you try to access resources on a Windows
NT/2000/XP/2003 machine, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 needs to authenticate the
user. If the user account doesn't exist in it's local account database, then
access will be denied.



Dave Patrick ....Please no email replies - reply in newsgroup.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft MVP [Windows]

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