Wifi Network Issue

Mar 5, 2004
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Hi all,

Networking has always been a dark art to me so thought if see if anyone here has thoughts on this.

I run a company and have a serviced office. They provide wifi and it works and is fast, but when first connecting it’s a little fiddly to connect to. It requires a user name and password and there’s a certificate thingy.

Everyone can connect their personal laptops and phones etc. but we work with clients who provide laptops which have security on them. Most clients laptops work on the wifi. Albeit with a little fiddling, e.g. having to input the user name and password a couple of times.

One client’s laptops just don’t work at all. In fact, they won’t even connect to a mobile phone hotspot. They work on home wifi just fine, so I’m wondering if it’s some weird certificate issue or something.

Anyway, probably hard to diagnose like this but I thought I’d ask in case.


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