Strange name on my network.

Mar 17, 2017
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I have two laptops and a desktop on a home network.

On checking what was connected to my network i found a strange name. It is mustang. I right clicked this and found the following info.
Manufacturer mustang-model kfmuwi-model No kfmuwi. I can also see a mac address which is cc:9e:a2:5b:e7:5b When checking this on google it says its Amazon MAC vendors list.

I have purchased items from Amazon in the past but have know idea why this should be showing on my network. I have changed my password for my ISP and on rechecking my network it had disappeared. On rechecking today it was back again! Can someone tell me if i should be concerned about this, and what is going on. I have up to date virus protection and malwaresbyte installed.

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