Still can't publish



Have tried FPCleaner, with no improvement.
Have tried deleting and using the
ISP's FTP to replace it with
No go. Seems my FP is Version 6 but I can;t find any other numbers (rxs says
FP still takes me back to define the remote site and fails withthe colon
instead of the URL.
Any more ideas?
Desperate to sort this, very embarrassing to have a mis-performing website
so long!




The solution is to remove the extensions from your site, then reinstall
them. Either use your control panel or ask your host to do this. Or
get a new host.

The _vti_inf.html files are unique to each web site, in general they
cannot be interchanged. Mine (rxs-enterprises) is for a Windows server
- your server is Unix. Windows uses .dll files in the extensions, Unix
uses .exe files -these are mentioned in the _vti_inf.html page.

The extensions version number is dependant on the server Operating
System, and the updates that have been installed.
Version 4... is FP2000, version 5.... is FP2002. There are no other
versions. FrontPage2003 uses FP2002 extensions.
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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