Still can't publish



Thanks for all the ideas, BUT
I'm no further forward. I feel that the problem I face is FP2003 or XP
refusing to set up the local stuff and allow me to publish so I can then try
out the reinstalled extensions.

Trying to open a remote website in FP as per advice of 17/7/07, dialogue box
still shows a colon rather than a URL, and process stops with error
" isn't available. The folder may be located in
an unavailable location, protected by a password,
or the filename contains a / or \"

Where do I go from there?



Ronx still does not have FrontPage extensions
installed, or they are corrupt.

Look at
and compare that file to

The two files should be almost identical both in the browser and in View
Source (there will be some small differences). _vti_inf.html indicates
which version of extensions is installed. If FrontPage cannot read the
version information in the file, you get nowhere.

"Where do I go from here?" You repair the extensions on the web site.
Or remove them completely and reinstall them. You will NEVER be able to
publish with FrontPage to until the
extensions are installed and working.
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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