Still can't publish



Lost my remote site somehow (not the hosting server - ISP reports all
functioning) but FP2003 on XP asks for remote website properties, and wants
me to Add New Network Place but it won;t allow me to.
I see the URL in Remote Website Location drop-down menu for FrontPage or
SharePoint services, and get a dialogue box that says "The server URL at :
requires a username and password." My other websites I have show an
address after the colon, this one doesn't. That website also shows an icon &
address in Network Places, which the missing one doesn't. But if I try to
create a new
network place, I can;t get beyond username & password.
Have tried reducing security on Local Intranet as per advice of 5/7/07, but
no change.
Have been stuck for a month now.




Here is how to open a web

Start FrontPage
From the menu; File | Open Site (web) [NOT "open". OPEN SITE]
In the dialogue box that appears, type out the fully qualified URL of the
location of your web, including the "HTTP://" part.
So; or whatever the site address is.
Press Open or OK
Enter the username and password when prompted.
Wait for Frontpage to load the initial view.

If you get stuck, post where you get stuck along with a complete and exact
error message (if any). I would not advise messing around with any other
method, they all have failure modes that are confusing when you encounter
them. You do not need to add a new network place for a Frontpage web, that
happens automatically when you log in the first time, and you dont use it to
log in later anyway so it's not relevant.

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