Sharepoint links don't update when publish to remote



When I used Frontpage to work on a website offline & then publish to the
remote server site, the links would automatically update to the remote site
references. I'm new to using Sharepoint Designer and can't figure out why
this doesn't occur when publishing in Sharepoint. The hyperlinks remain
pointed to my local file name & drive assignments and I have to manually
change each hyperlink reference on the remote site. What am I doing wrong?





If the site you are publishing to has FrontPage extensions or is a
SharePoint Services site then Publishing is the same as in FrontPage - if
the links are relative links in your local site, they will remain relative
in the published site. Absolute links (for example links to locations on
your hard drive ) will never update, they never did in FrontPage.

When you edit a page, you MUST have a website open.
When you add an image - Import it into the website before adding it to a
When you create a new page, save it into your open website before adding
anything to it. (You can always rename it later and the links will update).
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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