SharePoint Designer vs. Expression Web



I've searched Microsoft's website to find an actual comparison of these two
products, but without success. Is one a superset of the other or will I
eventually want both?

We have a FrontPage Open License with SA, which Microsoft converted to a
SharePoint Designer license. We've built many websites using FrontPage.
Can we support our existing websites that aren't SharePoint sites? Can we
use SharePoint Designer to create new websites that aren't SharePoint sites?

I've watched demos of SharePoint Designer and I don't like the way they open
http websites for editing. With FrontPage we always open from a source and
publish to the http server. Often the same source is published to multiple
http destinations. Can we continue using the source/destination paradigm
with SharePoint Designer? If we decide to build a SharePoint site, can it
be built and maintained it with the source/destination paradigm?

thanks for your help.


wow Tom! Posted: 4:01 PM. Answered 4:07 PM. Thank you. I'm VERY
impressed. It looks like SharePoint Designer will satisfy us. Thank you
for your help.

Now I'm just curious. I wish Microsoft would provide some kind of
comparison or deeper information about Expression Web.


In the current versions, Sharepoint Designer is a superset of Expression
Web. In the next versions there will be major differences. For
example, PHP support is promised for next version of Expression Web, but
IMO this may not get into SharePoint Designer.

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