Spooler SubSystem App Error


Kirti Dave

Hey can anyone help me?

I have a desktop with Vista Ultimate and have recently been getting an error
which says:

Spooler SubSystem App Error - Spooler had to stop or close

Also, when I go to the Printers panel in the control panel area, my printers
are not listed and if i click Add Printer, it says you have to start Local
Printer Spooler as it has stopped or restart your computer.

But I've located the Spooler services in the My Computer Management Panel
and I can start the service but when I go to use the printer, it just stops

I've been looking all over the internet and found a microsoft article which
says to delete certain files from the registry but im apprehensive in messing
around with the registry keys.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what I should do or has this happend to
anyone else?

All the official Microsoft articles I find are to do with xP also, so I dont
know how reliable this is using these methods for Vista.


Alan Morris [MSFT]

The XP print driver registry keys are the same as the Vista print driver
registry keys.

Before performing registry edits find out if the spooler fails to start
Open an elevated command window (Run as administrator) and type
net start spooler

if you get error 1068 and you recently deleted a Lexmark or Dell printer you
will need to run the Vendor provided uninstall application for the printer
to remove the printer specific vendor stuff from the registry before
attempting the printer reinstall.


Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


I have a similar problem as the previous poster. I have an Epson R280
installed on the local machine and a Canon iP 4000 on a LAN. This problem
just started a couple of days ago. At startup, I get the error message a
couple of times that the spooler subsystem app had a problem and needed to
close. I restart it manually with no apparent problem, but when I attempt to
open the printers folder it crashes again. This happens whether the printer
is turned on or off.

I have not installed or uninstalled any printers in several weeks. The only
changes to my system in recent days was an automatic update to Adobe Reader.
Could that be the problem?

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