SP4 Error - sp4iis



When installing SP4 on my W2K laptop, I am receiving an

sp4iis "Unable to connect to the metabase" Then I click
on OK and receive another error.

sp4iis "Setup failed to remove ism.dll script mappings.
Service pack setup will abort. Then I click on OK.

How do I fix this so I can properly install SP4. My
computer just had SP1 installed when I attempted to
install SP4.


Hi Jorge

Before attempting to install SP4, please stop all Antivirus Sofware. Do as
well stop IISadmin and W3SVC before attempting to install. To make it short:
Stop ANY and ALL services related to IIS. If possible, stop all other
non-essential Services too.

Have a look at this MS KB-Article as well:

- "INFO: ScriptMaps Error May Occur When You Install Windows 2000 SP4":


Hope this helps. Regards,


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