Sony Viao PCG F190 laptop boot problems

Mar 17, 2011
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I first noticed an problem when my DVD player playing Videos then it stopped altogether? then the usb drive stopped and while checking the device driver screen it went blank? page opened but nothing on it? It was then that I unwisely decided to upgrade from win 98 to xp pro :-(( It started to go through the proceedure and formatted the drive etc then disaster struck! could not continue as file corrupt or missing? this has been the case in every attempt to reinstall! I have changed the hard drive for a larger unit checket out the memory! tried several boot up disks but nothing seems to work! I can only use the Floppy disk to load programs due to the original problem! I can access the bios and adjust this but it has no affect? I have used my desktop computer to clone my working hard drive with win xp pro sp3 and it has loaded on the laptop hardrive ok but still will not work in the laptop? can anyone help with any ideas as to what if anything can be done with this unit or shall I use it to prop up a table leg :)) any help would be great as I have become very frustrated as I seem so close but so far from starting the damm thing! all downloads from sites for drivers etc seem to need the laptop up and running or at the very least the DVD drive working but they dont!!
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