Cd/dvd driver vanished in my Sony laptop

Jul 15, 2011
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I have a Sony Vaio VGN SZ470N laptop. I had to do a full restore on the laptop a few months ago, and lost all my programs and settings. I also lost my cd/dvd driver, and cannot now play cds or dvds. When I put a cd in the drive it makes spinning sounds but nothing opens. The cd/dvd drive has also vanished from My Computer, and it is not in Device Manager. I have tried reinstalling the driver off the Sony Support website more than a hundred times, and it never works. I have also followed all the support advice I have found on the internet - including editing my Registry, deleting Upper and Lower Values (whatever they were), and lots of other things. If anyone has any more suggestions of how to get my driver back I would be very grateful! Thanks.

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