sony vaio model pcg-9w1m fails to boot



Hi all,
I received a sony vaio pcg-9w1m laptop today for repair. The laptop would
not start after a car journey, implying damage, but I can't see any physical
damage. When I pressed the power button a number of LEDs flashed, I heard
the disk spin and then stop very briefly ... then nothing.

I removed the power cord, the memory and the battery and pressed the power
button for over a minute. I connected the power cable again, tried to boot
up, there was no change.

On this laptop there are a number of LEDs. Two LEDs flash once on the front
panel .. the power LED and the battery LED.

However when I tried to boot initially on receiving the laptop, 3 LEDs next
to the power button also flashed, but after 2 or three failed attempts these
LEDs no longer flash once, only the LEDs on the front panel.

I checked the power cable with a multi-meter and it was providing power OK.

any ideas?

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