slow logoff on term. server after sp4 has been applyed.



We are running Citrix Metaware on a win2000 server. Since
we installed sp4, it take at least 2 minutes for the
clients to logoff the server from an ICA client or
terminal server session. Before the service pack 4, it
was taking less than 5sec. Is there a fix for this?

Vera Noest [MVP]

Several fixes ;-)

828326 - Terminal Services: Logoff of a Client Is Slower Than

324446 - Terminal Server and Connected Terminal Services Clients
Pause When a Terminal Services Client Logs On or Logs Off

824309 - Very Long Logon Time When You Try to Connect to Citrix
MetaFrame or Citrix 1.8

821225 - A Windows 2000 Terminal Server That Is Configured with
Citrix Metaframe Software Can Become Slow and Unresponsive

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