Terminal Server slow after applying SP4


Al Bazaz

I hope someone can help me on this one.

We have Windows 2000 Terminal server in application mode, and I have about
20 users using this server and they run few applications from the server
Maximizer 7.5
Office 2000
Word perfect

the server is a compaq server with 2G RAM and 2 CPU

After applying service pack 4 for Windows the users notices that the server
is running slow, I checked the CPU and the memmory and it looked good to me,
so I call Microsoft and they gave a hotfix to apply


So I did that then restarted the server, now the users are saying that they
find one of the applications to be slow for few minutes then it goes back to
normal, then it slows down again

the software is RUMBA from netmange, it is a mainframe display software.

I called netmanage and they said there is nothing wrong with their software.

So can you guys give me some directions about what can be the problem why
the software is running slow under the terminal session after applying SP4,
is there any issues with SP4.

Thank You

Al Bazaz

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