Serious problems with Office 2003 on Terminal Server 2003 100% CPU



Hello everybody,

We have a serious performance problem with Office 2003 Professional running
on Terminal Server 2003
Standard. From one moment to another the started office application of one
user takes all the
processor time (100%). for example Outlook.exe 50%, winword 25% and excel
25%. This is one user. When
we disconnect this users session the processor shrinks down and suddenly a
random other users gets

problem. We removed all Office policies and reinstalled Office with no luck.
We also have an identical

configuration (server and software) but no Windows 2003 SP1 installed and
never had any problem. Does
anybody had this problem too?

Best Regards,


Here's what I'd do:

1. Revert to pre-SP1
2. Build a test server w/ 2003 SP1 and Office 2003 SP1 (nothing else, can
even be on workstation class hardware)
3. Test (if no problem exists, add each additional software program you
use, then test incrementally) If problem exists with clean install of 2003
SP1 & Office 2003 SP1, then open a support call w/ Microsoft PSS to get the
problem identified.

Make sure you disable background spelling and grammar checking via Office
Administrative Template in Group Policy, as this has been know to use extra
CPU Time in a multi-user configuration.


Hello Patrick,

Gammar Check en spelling is already disabled. I've installed three servers
with SP1 and they all haven the same problems. I think it has something to do
with Outlook so I installed process explorer from sysinternals. When I lookup
the dependencies (dependency walker) of the Outlook process that is running
100% it says that it can't find:

The first two files exists but are not in het given path. When I put the
files there another file is added to the 'not found list'
c:\windows\msdrm.dll. Any ideas? It's very strange that nobody else had this
problem and that I have it on three clean installed server.

Any help would be great....
Best regards,


Hello Patrick,

About two weeks ago we reported this problem to Microsoft. Yesterdag I've
installed a new version of UPHClean The old version 1.5.x.x seems
to had a problem that it removes HKLM values during the users session. This
causes an Outlook crash. Outlook is linked to Word so this would hang also.
The servers are running for two days now without any problems.



Hello Peter,
I encountered the same problem on the same config (W2K3, MPS 4.0 and
Office 2003)
Examination of the eventlog confirms that UPHclean is unloading HKLM
registry value _during_ the user session.
Unfortunately our French MS support is not aware of the
release of UPHclean. They advice us to stop the UPHclean service.
That's what I did, but know, I've userenv event ID 1000 error... Normal
Please could you provide me a copy of your UPHclean ?
Either by mail ([email protected]) or by uploading it to (anonymous login authorized, you can upload it to the
/upload directory)
Thanks a lot
Stéphane Krikorian

Peter Stam a écrit :
Aug 25, 2005
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Can anybody send me the new release of UPHClean. Thanks in advance.

email: (e-mail address removed)
Aug 27, 2005
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Can you send me the new release of UPHClean. Thanks in advance

(e-mail address removed)

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