sending problem after upgrade to Vista

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I had XP Pro SP2 running with Outlook 2003 (using an internet POP3
account) with SP2 and all latest microsoft updates both for xp and
After an inplace upgrade to Vista, everything is working fine except
sending mails with Outlook. Especially when sending larger attachments
(f.e. 2 MB) to one or more recipients : in this case the mail
sometimes get stuck in the Outlook Outbox. Outlook seems to be doing
the sending/receiving process but this process appears to be hanging.
The recipients receive the message but on my side the mail remains in
the outbox folder and is even send multiple times!! Unless i cancel
the sending process, the recipient will keep receiving my (large)
messages, which of course is very annoying for him (and embarrasing
for me). In the send process the Outbox send/Receive progress detail
dialogue box indicates that it's processing my request but not
completed. Sometimes the following message appears "``Sending and
Receiving` reported error (0x8004210B): `The operation timed out
waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue
to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet
service provider (ISP)"

All help is very much appreciated!!

Thanks, Kris

John Butler

Which version of Outlook are you using. Outlook 2003 is not fully compatible
with Vista?

John Butler

Hi Christian

Thanks for the info. I have found that Outlook 2003 may not be fully
compatible with all Vista installations because if Outlook 2003 has mulitple
email accounts including hotmail there is a conflict with Live Mail and
sending from Outlook may not work properly

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