Outlook 2007 keeps trying to send a deleted mail




I had problems today to send a mail via Outlook 2007 (on WinXP Pro). Each
time I did a send/receive all, Outlook would try to send the mail, but to no
Finally, I found that there was a problem with the recipient addresses
(which I copy-pasted from a text file, and which were apparently in a wrong
format, because the Send/Receive error tab showed a "501 Bad address syntax"
I decided to delete the mail from the outbox and recreated it from scratch
with the correct recipient addresses. So far so good, but since then, on each
Send/Receive cyle, Outlook is trying to send a mail, without one being in the
Outbox folder. I found out (using Ethereal) that Outlook was trying to send
that old message again, with the incorrect recipient addresses. There is
still no message listed in the outbox. Where can I find this ghost message
and delete it, so that Outlook doesn't try to send it again and again? This
thing is really puzzling me...




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