Security Nightmare



I am running Windows XP Home Edition on an HP laptop. I'm logged on as an
administrator, have enabled all permissions, and am still running into
problems. Specifically, I want to delete the now expired version of
Microsoft Office that came preinstalled, but continue to get an error message
at the end of the process that the security file cannot be accessed. The
uninstall is then rolled back. I've gone through the whole safe
mode/security/check all permissions thing and it still doesn't work. I'm the
only user of this machine, and would like to know if there is a way to
completely disable all this internal security. HP, extended warranty
service, and Microsoft have all been useless. Thanks.




If HP is not willing to help you with your problem, on their machine, I
would seriously consider returning the laptop and buying something else.
Customer service such as you describe is unacceptable.

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