SBS2000 & RDC or VNC


Bill Pomeroy

I am trying to get to a workstation remotely on an SBS2000 network. I have
installed the VNC server on the workstation and have setup ISA as per the
explicit instructions provided by Greg Mulholland at this link
In addition to these instructions I have also created a packet filter to
permit traffic on ports 5800 and 5900 to the specific ip address of the
workstation, but all of this has been to no avail.
Has anyone been successful in using VNC behind ISA and if so how? Or if you
have a solution on how I can get to that workstation remotely, let me know.
The workstation is running WINXPPRO.
I CAN get to the workstation using VNC or RDC within the network, but not
In ISA I have also forwarded 3389 to the specific 10.x.x.x of the

Bill Sanderson

I can do this, but would have to dig a bit to give you the precise ISA

What may well be easier, and safer, would be to set up inbound VPN access to
the SBS server. Once the VPN is established, both VNC and Remote Desktop
should work as though on the local lan. This is one way I do that job. I
believe one of the wizards will help you set up inbound VPN access without
getting into a lot of details.

I'd get VNC off that machine and just use Remote Desktop, unless there's
some other aspect of VNC you prefer.


Hi mate

I had this problem to I can only comment for my sitution which was as follows

I made sure all updates avaible for both Server and client were applied, also made sure that my router firmware (both ends were up to date.) Then also remeber to open port 47 (tcp) outgoing on both routers to allow the GRE header to pass through then hopefully it should work.... It did for me :

Hope this helps


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