anyone used "tight vnc"



has anyone ever used this before? I'm trying to use it to connect to
pc's that don't have rdp. I setup the server on the pc i'm trying to vnc
into and I also setup the viewer listening. where I get lost is I
followed the instructions and port forward port 5800-5900. it says the
host is the name on your pc so from the vnc viewer I type mypcname:0,
also tried mypcname:1 and mypcname:5900. also tried it from
http://mypcname:5802 and nothing gets me in. I will get "failed to get
server address or failed to connect.

since the tight vnc is free the support is very limited.

Sooner Al [MVP]

First you only need to forward/open TCP Port 5900 in order to access the VNC
host PC. TCP Port 5800 is only used for the Java based viewer.

Second the addressing takes the form...

host-address:screen-display or host-address::port-number


123.456.789.123:0 for a PC listening on Port 5900

123.456.789.123::5901 for a PC listening on Port 5901

Note the use of the double colon characters to separate the address and port
number and the use of a single colon to separate the address and screen

Make sure you specify the correct static LAN IP of the PC when you setup
port forwarding and that you use the public IP of the router or firewall the
PC is behind when calling...


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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