VNC with XP Firewall over VPN tunnel



I am trying to connect my XP Pro box at home to my 2000
box at work via VPN tunnel using TightVNC
I turn on the VPN tunnel, start the VNC viewer and I can
connect to my 2000 box.
I turn on the XP Pro firewall and I can no longer connect.
The VNC host (server)is (example)
My home XP box (viewer) is (example)
I have created two firewall rules on XP box:
5900 TCP
5800 TCP
I look at the pfirewall.log on the XP box and see that
the src-port is in the lower 30XX and the destination is
5900 but still can't connect.
I have even tried lowering my MTU in case of packet
I don't want to go and buy a firewall just because this
one is not very user friendly.

Sooner Al

Its my understanding the XP VPN client does not work correctly when the XP Internet Connection
Firewall (ICF) is enabled, although I could be wrong about that. Perhaps Jeffrey or Bill can help on
that issue...

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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