Saving as .xlsx from VBA MACRO



I am attempting to save files through a MACRO as .xlsx files using
getclosefilename function. I have Excell 2007 set to save all files as .xls
files. When I save the files, it places the .xlsx extension, but saves in
..xls format. I cannot open the files as they are, but can after changing the
extension to .xls through Explorer they open just fine.

How do I set Excel 2007to save files as .xlsx through the MACR VBA?


Actually, the VBA is part of an Excel add-in under XLSTART, and the files I'm
saving contain no code. The problem is I have Excel set to save files as
..xlsx, but Excel saves the files in Excel 97-03 format with the .xlsx
extension. I cannot open the resulting .xlsx files, but can open the files
when I manually edit the filename throgh Explorer to .xls.

I am using the following MACRO code to save the files (again, as an add-in,
not .xlsm file):

Filt = "Excel Files (*.xlsx),&*.xlsx,"

SaveFile = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:=Nme, _
FileFilter:=Filt, FilterIndex:=1, Title:="Browse to Location for
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=SaveFile _
, FileFormat:=xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", _
ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False

The code is not part of the Excel file. When it saves with the .xlsx
extension, I cannot open the file. When I manually change the extension to
..xls through Explorer, I can open the file as an earlier Excel version file.

The question is how do I get the MACRO to save the file as a Excel 2007
Aug 12, 2009
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Donhuff, Barb Reinhardt already gave the answer you were looking for. See (which he gave).

You would want to use "xlOpenXMLWorkbook" to save the Excel files as .xlsx

Barb, thanks again for that link, I was looking for the same as Donhuff.

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