Converted xlsx file to xls. New xls file isn't right, try to correct, fails compat checker

May 13, 2015
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I've been given an xlsx file. The customer can only use xls files, so I converted the xlsx file to xls but the new xls file has problems. Missing boxes, formatting off a bit, shading gone.

If I simply open the converted xls file then save it, everything is fine. If I open the xls file and so much as enter the word 'hi in a field, then save, the compatibility checker says significant loss of functionality.

This company laptop has Excel 2010 on it. I think I'm trying to convert a 2007 version to a 97-2003 version, but using this 2010 version. What's going on? And how do I edit the new xls file without any Compatibility Checker problems?
Thank you so much for helping.

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