RPC server not found



I have 2 AD servers running WINS with replication set to
PUSH/PULL. On Aug. 14th when the lights went out in NYC,
the primary AD went down & subsequently the rest of our
network. One of the secondary AD servers came up first.
Since then, we began getting "RPC server not found"
errors in our SysLog when attempting FRS. I've restarted
the servers, I have stopped & restarted the RPC service
on the servers manually & still no dice.

How do I get the servers to see the RPC server?

Does this mean that my WINS database is corrupted?


Roberto Lopez
Technology Support Services
MMC, Inc.



Tim Springston \(MSFT\)

Hi Roberto-

Can you verify that the RPC traffic is actually able to reach the respective
machines? The reason I ask is that there has been a log of people
restricting ICMP (for example) using various methods, which can impede other
things (like RPC).

A straightforward test for RPC connectivity from one Windows machine to
another is to open Computer Management and then right-click on the Computer
Management icon in the left hand pane to select Connect To Another Computer.
Then select the opposite computer.

If the connection using COMPMGMT.MSC succeeds then RPC is workable between
the two machines. If it does not that indicates a problem since RPC is need
for this to work.

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