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I have RIS setup and running on a server. We are going to use it to reload
PCs. But i am still really confused about the different tools, RiSetup,
RiPrep and Sysprep.

Which one should i use?

Luis Buratto



Hmm...when you say you have "RIS Setup and running..." I
assume you have gone through the whole RISETUP.EXE
process. That means you have copied one RIS image (it´s
part of the process), lets just say Win2K, to your server.
RISETUP also allows you to add other RIS images to your
server, WINXP per example. Then you would have 2 RIS
images (or you can think of them as BASE images) on your
server. Once you have more than one image, RIS
automatically lists them in a menu for you to choose from,
so be sure to name and describe them well. Once you have
installed a RIS image (lets say Win XP) onto your client
PC you can then install all the Software and make any
changes to the user interface (Desktop settings per
example) that you want. Now wouldnt it be great to be able
to use that as an image? Thats where RIPREP comes in. You
would use RIPREP to copy this setup (the OS along with the
software and changes you made) back to the server. Now you
have 3 images on your server (see why you need to label
them well): WIN2K (RIS IMAGE), WINXP (RIS IMAGE) and WIN
XP with Software and changes (RIPREP IMAGE). NOTE: You can
only RIPREP a machine that was installed using RIS!! So
dont try to take any old machine and RIPREP it...it wont
work! Thats because RIPREP images are based on RIS images.

So, you use RISETUP to make RIS (BASE) images (WIN2K,
WIN2k w/SP4, WINXP, WINXP w/SP1, and so on...)

You use RIPREP to make modified images based on your RIS
images. (WINXP SP1 with MS Office and WINZIP, WINXP with
Adobe Reader 6 and Paintshop pro, and so on....)

OK, thats about it.


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