Restrict user access to power mgt options - how??



Does anyone know the registry key or a new value I can add in the registry to
grey (gray) out the power options in Windows so users cannot change the
established power scheme?

Meaning - I do not want users to be able to change the scheme, make a new
one, change their monitor off or HDD off or standby times. Some floor model
computers at stores have this setup so customers can't change it, but the
store wants the computer on 24x7 so I know it's possible. I should also say
I'm not using AD or any GPO's. I'm actually looking to edit the registry
manually - or more specifically - modify or add keys that will still let the
user look at what the current power scheme is - but it will be gray (grey)
out so they cannot change it. Once I find the keys, I'll do this
programmatically from a propitiatory tool I've created.


I dont know if this will be a good info for you but you can check the values
ander the following keys
HKCU\Control Panel\PowerCfg
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder\PowerCfg
try to change security settings so the user cant change them!!

any way you can use the local policy even without active directory, and this
link may help

hope it help and good luck


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