Restricted Users Changing Power Scheme



Our users don't have local admin rights on their laptops, but some of them
have to give presentations or training courses, this means that they need to
be able to change the power scheme settings when they want to. However it
seems that restricted users can't change the power settings on their
workstations, and it doesn't seem possible to give them the ability via any
group policy settings.

Is this correct? Is there anyway to allow users to change the power scheme
settings? It seems strange that you wouldn't be able to allow this option,
as many users must need to change between portable/laptop and presentation
or one of the other options!

Can anyone suggest a solution? The last thing I want to do is give our users
local admin access, or even an admin account/password to an admin account.




Not sure why that is an issue for you.
You admins can set up different power saving policies for A/C powered
operation and for battery-powered operation, it will then kick in regardless
of user status. Why do the users "have to" change anything? Or did I
misunderstand you?


Well if they have a laptop, but are giving a presentation, then they want to
be able to select the 'Presentation', or 'Always On' power scheme, which are
both predefined schemes. However, the users can't, they get an 'access
denied' error message when they press Apply/OK after selecting the power


What kind of laptops do you have?
I'm used to them autosensing if they are plugged in or running on battery
power, and automatically switching power saving schemes.
Or do your people want to run presentations on battery power but with the
bright screen that's normally reserved for AC power?

Anyway, you could try to create a user group that has permission to change
power settings and add your users to it. Kind of like an admin that can only
do one thing - change power settings; similar to the built-in special-job

Or make them power users, those can change power settings.

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