REQUIRED Recycle Folder?



I recently discovered something.

Some history, my home system was originally Win98, FAT32 . I upgraded
to WinXP Pro then converted to NTFS using Partition Magic .

On my home (WinXP Pro SP3 ) system I have 3 folders pertaining to
Recycle (all system/hidden ):

* Recycle Bin (trash icon)
* Recycled (trash icon)
* Recycler (folder icon)

At work, were we have virgin DELL WinXP Pro SP3 systems and they ONLY
have the Recycler folder.

So, my questions are:

1. Which Recycle folder dose WinXP REQUIRE?

2. Which of the above folders can I safely delete from my home

3. It there something I should do BEFORE I delete them (other than
backup, which I already have )?

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