Recycle bin craziness




The recycle bin appears on the desktop but will not open. If I
right-click on it, "Open" does not appear on the list. Also, the
caption under the icon (which is the proper icon) is blank.

The delete operation does appear to be working because the
hidden C:\RECYCLER folder is there and it does collect files
that are deleted.

None of the other "standard" desktop icons, like "My Computer"
seem to be affected by this.

I've tried the Kelly's Korner registry patch as well as deleting and
recreating the C:\RECYCLER folder, but still no joy.

Any other suggestions?


Mark L. Ferguson

The desktop icon is probably corrupt. I would remove it, apply, restart, and
put it back on the desktop.

Rightclick the desk, Properties, Desktop tab, "Customize Desktop" button,
uncheck 'Recycle Bin' item, 'Apply', restart Windows, recheck that and


There is no "Recycle Bin" on the list. Only My Computer,
My Network Places, My Computer and Internet Explorer.

However, I did manage to fix it. Here's how:

Apparently, the Kelly's Korner REG file wasn't really 'taking'
despite my getting a 'successful' message after its merge.
I looked in the registry and some of the CLSID-level entries,
like DefaultIcon, InProcServer32 and others, remained blank.
So I populated the missing keys manually and everything is
just fine now. I didn't even have to reboot!

Bill in Co.

You clicked on a .reg file and found that it did NOT merge all of its
entries? That's the first I've heard of that. (I'm assuming that the
entries were indeed there in the .reg file, but for some reason were not
transferred into your registry). I don't understand why that would
happen. ??


Me neither. But I used the REG file as reference when I made the
manual entries and it worked after that.

Mark L. Ferguson

Do you use one of the Home Editions with SP3? If so, and this is needed in
the future, I suggest you boot to Safe Mode, and run any needed merge as
default "Administrator"

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