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Recently we have had several people experience a difficult time connecting to
remote desktop.

I had the trouble a couple weeks ago from home when trying to connect to my
computer at work, but suddenly it started to work again, but I'm not
convinced it was anything I did.

Now someone else in our company is having a hard time connecting. When he
tries to connect he receives the message that it cannot find the computer, as
if the computer at work has been turned off. However, if you remote to his
computer within the building, you can connect just fine. Both boxes are
checked within the Remote Desktop area. It's only when you are outside the
building connecting through VPN that it will not allow the connection to
remote desktop suddenly.

I connected to VPN at home, then used remote desktop to connect to my
computer at home, everything worked fine. I disconnected from my computer to
test the person's computer who is having problems, again, it tried and tried
and finally came back saying it couldn't find the computer. Again, connected
to mine, no problems. Went back into the building and connected to the
problem computer remotely without any problems.

I have never had this occur and don't know what to do. At work we rely
heavily on remote desktop, so if anyone can help with this it would be very
much appreciated!


Sooner Al [MVP]

When this happens can you ping the target Remote Desktop [RDC] host PC by
name and IP or just IP or neither? I presume the target RDC host PC has a
static LAN IP on your network.


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

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