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I've used Remote Desktop across the Internet and have my Win2K and XP Home machines connecting to a server fine. My question is can Remote Desktop work across a LAN? There will be no Internet connection.

I'm working on a project to install 3 workstations onto a sail boat. The original specs called for 3 separate workstations to be connected to a Citrix server. Huge over kill on both resources, equipment and software. I am opting instead for a XP Pro machine to act as a Remote Desktop server and have two laptops to be clients. This will give them the flexibility to move their machines around without being tied to a specific spot.

The main concern is to have a workstation in the cockpit, one at the chart table and one in the main salon which will be the server. They want all of their main applications such as navigation and charting to be run from the server. Very little will be on the laptops at all.

I am assuming it should be no problems but, can I access Remote Desktop with a client on the LAN. Remember, this is a sail boat that will have no Internet connection. It's hard to get an ISP that covers you 1,000 off shore. Of course if anyone knows of one I'd be interested in talking to them as well.

The Donger



Sooner Al

Sure you can do that. The downside of Remote Desktop is that only one laptop at a time can connect
to the XP Pro box and the current user on the XP Pro box is logged off.

If you want to have all three PCs in use simultaneously, ie. users logged on each and running
applications, then XP really is not going to hack it. Your better off running Windows 2003/2000
server on the big machine and have the laptops as clients... I would post to the or news group for

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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Hi Al,

Great news and info. I'll make sure we install 2003 server on the desktop.

Thanks again.



Jeffrey Randow (MVP)

Windows 2003 or Windows 2003 Small Business Server would be better
bets.. SBS can be bought fairly affordably depending on where you

Jeffrey Randow (Windows Networking & Smart Display MVP)
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