Remote Desktop printing not working - usb printer




I can't print to a local printer on a PC running XP Pro when connecting to a
remote machine also running XP Pro. Printing is fine when I connect to a
Windows 2003 machine.

The connection to the local machine is being made via Windows 2003 Small
Business Server's Remote Web Workplace, which I believe uses the server to
proxy for port 3389 on the PC running in the SBS's server's LAN, but I don't
see why this would be an issue.

It appears that the virtual USB port is not being created on the remote
machine. The remote machine has the necessarry drivers and no error is
produced on either the local or remote machine.

Although the port is USB I have tried the suggestion in KB302361 but that
hasn't helped.

The client is running version 5.1.2600.2180 of the RDC.

Any suggestions?




It turns out I had a group policy setting that was preventing printer
redirection. Removing this solved the problem. The policy was being applied
to the remote PC.
Mar 4, 2012
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