Remote desktop works, remote assistance doesn't


Joe Porkka [MSFT]

I'm trying to help another user via remote assistance.

I configured my firewall and theirs (both widows firewall and hardware
router) to allow port 3389 (port forwarding on the remote side - so if I
connect to remoteIP at port 3389, it gets forwarded to their machine).
(Both sides are connected in this manner: DSL -> WirelessRouter/NAT device
-> cable ->computer. Local machines: Vista Ultimate and XPPro, remote machine
is XPPro.)

Once I did so, I could use MSTSC to connect to their machine.
I cannot get remote assistance to work.
I have tried using Messenger->Askfor RemoteAssistance.
I have tried creating an invitation file.
I have used GPEDIT to enable remote offers for assistance, then tried to
I have tried entirely disabling windows firewall on both machines.

All with the same results -- apparently my machine cannot see their machine.

What else does remote assistance need that MSTSC doesn't?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

I am not sure I understand the issue. Can you access the remote computer
using remote desktop or MSTSC? If you can use remote desktop but not remote
assistance, it could be a third part software. For troubleshooting, start
both computers with clean boot.

How to run Windows OS with a clean ...With MSCONFIG, you also can configure
a clean boot to disable common startup ... To perform a clean boot, please
follow these steps: 1) Run MSCONFIG.EXE. ...

Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on
How to Setup Windows, Network, VPN & Remote Access on

Joe Porkka [MSFT]

Exactly -- this is what has me puzzled.
I can access via mstsc, but not RA.

There is very little 3rd party stuff installed on either, and I've looked in
msconfig for anything wierd (just part of my normal checking of his computer
for stuff they may have gotten installed inadvertantly.) He is using OneCare
for AV.

I'll try the clean boot as suggested when I can get a chance.

I may also try to run netmon on both ends to see whats going on.
Is there anything in particular that I ought to look for?

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