Remote desktop connection problem




I'm having some problems connecting a machine on my network.
I get the popup asking for username/password, This then connects to
the machine, I see the username/password box in the remote session,
then the session jsut hangs and times out after 30 seconds.

HOWEVER, If I then log in locally at that machine, then actually log
off and on again. I can then connect via remote desktop just fine.

My current theory is that there is some program running on that
machine that prevents a remote desktop connection. The act of logging
off and on kills of this program. And at some point through my use of
that machine this program is started and so I cannot remotely connect
to it.

My question is, Is there any way to find out exactly what is causing
the remote connection to fail.


Robert L \(MS-MVP\)

I saw case like this one. try to disable all firewall and security software
for a test. If that works, re-configure the firewall. please post back with
the result.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it didn't work.

I don't use any firewall software, I disabled my McAfee virus scanner.
I still get this problem, but logging off and on again still cures the

Any other suggestions debugging this would be appreciated.



I think i've found the cause to the problem. I've tried to determine
what I've actually done on that computer before remote desktop stops
working. I narrowed it down to watching a movie. I use media player
classic to watch video files. Most of the files I watch are in the
xvid format.
I use media player classic on other machines and it works fine.
However, the version of the xvid codec on the broken machine is newer
than the other machines I use. I downgraded xvid from 1.1.3 to 1.1.2
and that seems to have fixed the problem.

I quick search on the internet doesn't reveal any similar cases, so it
may well be due to a combination of things specific to that machine.

Anyway, for now it appears to be working fine. I just thought i'd post
this hear for anyone else that may be having the same problem. (Or for
myself if the problem ever comes back)



Actually, I am having the same problem.

For some reason my remote desktop does not work often and when I re-boot the
computer it works but for maybe a day, then I have to re-boot the computer.

I have not downloaded any codec so I am not sure what my problem is.

Can someone help with this issue.



Sorry to hear you're having problems.

The process I went through, was to make a note of every application I
used on that PC until remote desktop stopped working. Then try
reproduce it by running each of those applications.


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