Remote desktop hangs while connecting



I have a strange problem with Remote Desktop when connecting to a
particular machine. I will preface this by saying that it USUALLY
works fine. But every once in a while, the connection does not
complete. The window opens, it makes the connection with the remote
system, currently it even asks me if I want to change the password
since it is expiring soon (I have the userid/pw stored so it does
not prompt for that). However, after that, the remote desktop client
hangs (if I have the window running non-full screen, I can continue
to do things but the window is hung) and eventually after a minute
or so, the RDC window silently closes with no error. It's almost
like the remote system is having trouble logging on the session (the
user is already signed on). If I reboot the remote system it solves
the problem, until it happens again.

And when I remote desktop TO another machine, it works fine, so it
is the machine I am connecting TO that is the problem.

Has anyone seen this? I've found that sometimes if I disable and
enable remote desktop access it will fix it, but not usually.


Sooner Al [MVP]

You might consider making sure the video drivers on the RDC host are up to

Beyond that do you see the same problem if you use RDC from another client
to the problematic RDC host?

Anything in the event logs on either the RDC host or client that might
provide a clue?

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

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