Remote Desktop Connection over LAN




I'm trying to setup Remote Desktop Connection over my LAN between two
winxp pro sp2 machines.

On the client machine when started Remote Desktop Connection the host
machine is not shown when you click "Browse for more". When I click on
the Workgroup name it says "The domain/WORKGROUP does not contain any
Terminal servers".

I have followed and have
added the logon names to the Remote Desktop Users window from the
System icon in Control panel. I can only see the user

In my local security settings on the host in the administrative tools
everyone has the right to access this computer from the network.

The firewall on the host has the don't allow exceptions unticked and
the remote desktop added to the exceptions and ticked

I have enabled the tick in the allow users to connect remotely
to this computer
When I type in the name of the machine on the clients "remote desktop
connection" I get the error message:"The local policy of this system
does not permit you to logon interactively"

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong. Thankyou.

Sooner Al

Normally in a workgroup environment you normally can not browse for desktops using the Remote
Desktop browser. A work around to that is a registry hack. Reboot each PC after making the change...


The registry hack..;en-us;281307

Beyond that look at this page for additional help with Remote Desktop...

Note that users are local to the machine your trying to connect to and must either ber an
Administrator or a member of the Remote Desktop Users Group and have a password...


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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