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John Livingston

We would like to set up our workstations at work to receive Remote
Assistance offers from our helpdesk personnel (members of a specific group)
who would be the Helper ids.
However, we do not want the workstations to be able to Invite Remote
Assistance because we don't want "the blind leading the blind".
We have found in order to get a Remote Assistance Offer to work both the
"Solicite Remote Assistance" and the "Offer Remote Assistance" settings must
be enabled in the Group Policy editor. If we disable the "Solicite Remote
Assistance" in order to prevent invitations be sent for assistance, the
workstation can no longer receive offers for remote assistance either.
Enabling "Offer Remote Assistance" is supposed to allow the workstation to
accept unsolicited offers for remote assistance, but this does not work
unless the other setting for soliciting remote assistance is enabled too.
Does anyone out there know how to make this work?
Can we have one without the other?


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