Local Admin Remote Destop Assistance



If your in a tree of domain with all the right trust needed. Can you be added
to a computers local admin grp and offer RD assistance for a parent doamin
with a regular user accout.

You are a desktop administrator for your company. Your network is configured
as a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory forest. The network
includes a parent domain named bcdtrain.com and three child domains named
ops.bcdtrain.com, dev.bcdtrain.com, and support.bcdtrain.com.

Your user account is a member of bcdtrain.com. You have a desktop computer
running Windows XP Professional. You have been delegated the permissions you
need to do your job, but your user account is not part of the Administrators,
Domain Admins, or Enterprise Admins groups.

You are directly responsible for providing support to users in the
operations department. Users in this department are members of
ops.bcdtrain.com. They all have client computers running Windows XP
Professional that are member computers in ops.bcdtrain.com. Their computers
are configured to accept offers of Remote Assistance.

You need to configure network security to enable you to offer Remote
Assistance to users in the operations department. The solution should not
grant your domain user account any rights or permissions not required to
support offered Remote Assistance.

What should you do?

And I just read the Article ID: 301527 that to offer assistance you user acc
must be added to the offer remote assistance policy

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