Remote assistance not working in a DOMAIN


Dorel Sturm

Hi there,

I have here a domain with this configuration:

- computer A, B, C members of the same domain.
- all three computers are running Windows XP. Computer A is running 64-bit version.
- all of them are on the same local network.
- all IP addresses are public addresses.
- on none of the computers the Windows Firewall is enabled (in fact the service is stopped!)
- on all three computers the same user is logged on (administrator rights on domain and each computer)
- in control panel in System->Remote both Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop are enabled.

The problem is that "Offer remote assistance" does not work. All the time I get the error "A Remote Assistance connection could not
be established. You may want to check for network issues or determine if the invitation expired or was cancelled by the person who
sent it." I tried everything possible but no help.

The interesting stuff: Offer remote assistance works only from computer B!!! From B to A or C works OK but never ever from computer
A to B or C or from C to A or B!!! There are no differences regarding network connections, domain membership between computer A and

Remote desktop work correctly from any computer to any computer.

When I start "Offer Remote Assistance" from computer A and I enter in the first line the IP address of computer B and I press
Connect I get the correct logged on user name on computer B (I checked this by using different users). So the connection to computer
B is OK. But when I press Start Remote Assistance button I get the error.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.




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