Reinstall (or reset) offline files




I'm looking for a way to reset my "Offline Files" function.
I run Vista business and if I look at offline files in the control panel it
says (under usage):

In use: 99 GB in use (99 GB available) (10% of 999GB disk)

I have only a 100GB disk and no partnerships...
If I try to click to change my limits (I never set them to this number ofc)
nothing happens.
Needless to say - I cant use offline files either. If I right-click a folder
and choos "always available" nothing happens as well.

Is there a way to reset this back to square one or do I have to do a full
vista reinstall?


Nice to know that I'm not alone ;-)

I have not found any way to fix this yet - sorry :(



Hi Eto

I'm having the same problem, I click on 'make available offline' and nothing
happens. My problems started when the server was renamed from \\dellp4\ to
\\server\ and that just blew everything up.

If you've dicovered a fix, or someone from Microsft can answer these posts
that would be great. I don't want to have to rebuild my machine.

Cheers Greg

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