Offline Files and SAMBA


Flo S.

I am trying to use Vista's offline file functionality to sync my PC with the
data stored on my Apple Mac. I can share a folder on the Mac, and I can
fully access it (read/write) from the Vista machine.

But when I try to make this shared folder "available offline", I get a whole
lot of sync errors, one for each shared file, telling me that the respective
file couldn't be accessed because there was another process acting on it.
Strangely, an offline copy seems to be created anyway as the CSC cache
becomes the exact size of the shared files.

Unfortunately, Vista refuses to let me work on this cached version in
offline mode. It does give me the small, green offline icons for every file
in explorer but it says at the same time in the file details that none of
them were available offline.

What could be the reason for the sync error I get? And does anyone have more
detailed information on the offline files mechanism in Vista regarding the
compatibility with different file systems, such as HFS+? Is there maybe a
trick to make Windows ignore the sync errors and let me access the (possibly
present) CSC cache?

Flo S.

Charles Putani

The underlying file system shouldn't matter here. CIFS is CIFS is CIFS,
regardless of what filesystem you may be using. As long as you allow others
to read from your shared folder offline files should work imho.

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