offline files not working


Ryan Bjork

Machine is part of a domain. Everything worked fine using XP. Upgraded to
Vista, and now Offline Files is not working. Tried SP1, same problem. File
server is Windows Server 2003 Cluster.

The "Offline Availability" says "Not available". What does that mean? The
user does login to another machine and access these files. But there's like
500 files and all files and folders say "Not available" for Offline

Other users (in same Org Unit) can log into that same machine and Offline
Files works fine. I'm stumped.

I've tried removing the profile on that computer and re-creating it, but
same problem. Originally the Org Unit for these users didn't allow access
to Control Panel. Could that have something to do with it, since Sync
Center and Offline Files features are under Control Panel? But even after
allowing Control Panel, still same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ryan Bjork

and just to clarify, yes Offline Files is on, and the Always Available
Offline option is showing when I right click a file or folder, it just
doesn't nothing when I select it.


Which version of 32bit or 64 bit Vista is the machine running; Business,
Ultimate, or Enterprise?

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