Vista Offline Files and Office 2007 problems

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We are using Windows Vista Enterprise on the client side and Windows
Server 2003 on the server side.

We use offline files on the client (Vista).

We are having problems when working on the same documents with
multiple persons. These documents are on the file server (Windows

When we open an office 2003 document on the server (and the file is
marked as available offline), you can open the document on another
client without getting a warning the file is in use. This becomes a
problem when you both change the file.

Now the strange thing is you can see this in the windows explorer on
the vista pc. This does not happen all the time. It only happens with
Office 2003 type documents (xls, doc, ...), not with the new Office
2007 type documents (so not with xlsx, docx, ...). Also the file must
be on the server and marked as being offline available. When you look
at the properties of a file in the windows explorer, there is a tab
where you can see the online/offline state of a file. When you open an
offline available Office 2003 document, you see the file becoming
offline (in the Vista explorer). At that time there is no lock on the
file, you are working offline on that file. When you save the file,
you save it locally and the changed files gets resynced to the
network. So if you are the only one working on that file, there is no
problem. The problem comes when you are working together on files. You
can open/change files like no other persons are working on the files.

This problem also messes up the offline files a lot, you can get into
all kinds of problems with files which are changed and should be
resynced. Also troubles with workgroup templates (on a server) are
probably related to this problem.

To sum up, you get problems with Office 2003 documents opened in
Office 2007 on Windows Vista, if they are made available offline.

Anyone having the same problems? Any suggestions for a solution?

Turning off offline files is no solution for me, we have laptops and
want to continue to use offline files.


Pavel A.

Beta of SP1 is now availabe on the Connect site.
From the release notes, it fixed some client cache issues;
you may want to try this and submit a bug if the problem persists.



The Vista Beta SP1 is a closed beta, same thing with Office 2007 SP1.
So I cannot see if it is solved with any of these service packs.

Network Systems and Security Professional

TheVistaBeta SP1 is a closed beta, same thing with Office 2007 SP1.
So I cannot see if it is solved with any of these service packs.

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I have seen the same exact problem but worse because we end up with
two files with the same name but only the person with 2007 can see
both and of course they have to be re-mergerd manually. Unhappy users
all around. Love to know how to fix this.

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