Excel 2007 compatibility mode and Offline files and shared workbooks



I haven't seen any posts to this group about this issue, and only one
other post mentioned elsewhere.

My problem is with Windows 7 offline files, but the other poster had
the problem with Vista and I believe it is the same issue.

Have an Excel 2003 workbook on a network share the is available
offline. The network share is online (the computer is a desktop unit
always offline, I am using offline files to index the share due to
Microsoft leaving that feature out of Win7 indexing), and the
properties for the file show it as online.

I open the file in Excel 2007 SP2 and check the file properties
Offline Files tab. The tab states: This file is offline with unsynced
changes. Press "Sync" to synchronize. (1. Shouldn't that be "Sync
now..."? 2. Why does "Sync now..." have an ellipsis when pressing it
opens no dialog? 3. Why is there a checkbox you can clear that does
nothing on that tab?)

I close Excel without saving changes and the file stays offline, even
though the Work offline button shows for the file (of course, it
should only show for the root share anyway, correct?). The file
doesn't sync automatically after waiting hours.

1. This only happens in compatibility mode.
2. If the workbook is a shared workbook, it is impossible to save
changes to it. You get a lock conflict (with yourself?) even if no one
else is using the workbook.
3. The other poster (cliff/clif) says it doesn't happen with Excel
2003 and Vista, just Excel 2007.

Like many things in Windows 7 / Vista, this feature doesn't seem fully
baked to me.

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