Unsing Offline files in Vista



I have 1 desktop running Vista Home Premium and a laptop running Vista
Business. Both are connected to a home network and are accessing the Internet
and seeing each other fine. I have turned file sharing on both computers and
can access the desktop files from my laptop without any problem but cannot
make them available for offline use om my laptop. When I try to establish a
Sync partnership from my laptop I get the message: "There are no sync
partnerships that be set up on this computer". The "Make available offline"
button in file properties is not available. This problem happened only after
I upgraded my desktop from XP Professional to Vista Home Premium. Before the
upgrade I was able to have desktop files available offline. Please help


Hi "Cheikh",

It is true that you are able to use Offline files when your desktop was in
XP but unfortunately, from what I can remember, Vista Home Premium does not
have this feature. If you want to have your laptop use offline files, I'm
afraid that you have to install either of the three versions of Windows Vista
which are; Business, Enterprise and Ultimate.

Here's a link regarding the offline files. It does say on the top that it
applies to the Business, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Vista.


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