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I am not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes:

I have a desktop PC and a laptop, both connected to a network. In the past I
used offline folders to synchronize files directly between my desktop and
laptop, but due to recent virus threats, I can't do that anymore. So I copied
all the files to a network share, then opened that folder on my laptop and
instructed the laptop to "make them available offline". Works fine, and as
expected, it added about 10 GB to my disk use. Then I went to control panels,
offline folders, right clicked on the old folder and selected "delete". A
window popped up telling me that all files would be deleted (network copies
are not affected), and it took a few minutes to complete. Now, here is the
1) Not all files were deleted. There are a number of them that are still
available. Why is that?
2) I would think that my disk space usage would now be reduced by about 10
GB again, but that is not the case. It is still about 10 GB larger than when
I started the process. Why is that, and more important, how can I fix that?

Michael Walraven

2) You may have moved the files to the trash, in that case they are still
taking up space. After you are SURE that you have them on the network share
you can empty the trash.

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