Excel Referencing one cell from a different worksheet and slide in powerpoint

Jun 9, 2017
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Hi guys! I'm new here. I have a problem and I tried many ways to solve it but to not avail. The problem sounds simple but it's actually hard when you try to solve it.

For simplicity purpose, I will just use the example of 2 excel worksheets to be embedded in the same powerpoint file.

Ok now, I have embedded EXCEL worksheet 1 (let's call it Alpha) in the first slide in POWERPOINT and embedded excel worksheet 2 (let's call this guy, Bravo) in the second slide of the same powerpoint file. All I want to do is when I update cell A1 in my first worksheet, Alpha (which is in the first slide), cell A1 (or any other cell) in worksheet 2, Bravo (which is in slide 2) to get updated automatically.

Usually, in excel, we can just do a simple reference but it doesn't work in this case.

The reason I embedded the excel files instead of linking them is because this powerpoint file will be sent to my colleagues at a different location to be worked on and update them. So, this file might move around and this will cause it to have a broken link if we have a separate excel file linking to the powerpoint. Only this powerpoint file will travel and not the excel file. Whatever changes to the data will take place in the excel worksheet embedded in the powerpoint slides.

And, the reason this excel worksheets are in the powerpoint in the first place is because they complement the notes and presentations in the powerpoint. The circumstance of it requires the excel worksheets to be in the powerpoint as we might even need to update it the very last minute before the presentation (and sometimes, during the presentation).

I hope someone here has the knowledge to shed some light in this matter.

Thank you.

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