Excel Copy cells from one worksheet to another workseet - increment row & do again

Oct 10, 2020
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ina Excel macro
I need to move cells in one column from 1st worksheet to another worksheet..
(in the first worksheet is column of Purchase Order data: PO #, PO name, Item, etc)

The 2nd worksheet is a PO form. each cell in a column in the 1st worksheet needs to be copped to the PO.

example cell A2 in 1st workbook needs to be copied to G12 in the 2nd workbook
cell A3 in 1st workbook needs to be copied to H6 in the 2nd workbook
When done Ill print the PO

next step will be to increment column in 1st worksheet to B and repeat building a PO then print.

Thanks for your help

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